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Q&A with Ed Goddard, Distance Runner

1. How many Mini-Mos Fun Runs have you taken part in?

I have run in the Mini-Mos 10 times. I started in the 5k in 2009 which was the first fun run I ever competed in! I remember placing 33rd overall and was ecstatic with the result!

2. Favourite local running track?

Favourite local paths would depend on what the purpose of the run is. For longer runs I will do the Cremorne Point path, towards Kirribilli and the Luna Park boardwalk. From there I will either run back to Mosman the way I came, or via Crows Nest and Military Road. For slower runs I will run the Taronga Zoo path to Clifton Gardens from Sirius Cove. For workouts I will do Chowder Bay or Middle Head Road depending on the length of intervals.

3. Current favourite running tune?

For my full music library you would have to follow me on Spotify, but The Rolling Stones ‘Paint it Black’, America’s ’Sister Golden Hair’, or the Eagles ’Take it Easy’ would be top picks!

4. Best thing about the Mini-Mos?

I’ve always loved the fact the 10km runs past my house. I have memories of waking up early and watching the race roll by when I was a kid, so I get a lot of joy on running down the street’s I’ve grown up on.

5. Best Mini-Mos memory?

Best memories would be winning the 5km for the first time in 2014, and placing 2nd in the 10km in 2019. Hopefully this year I’ll win the virtual event!

6. Describe Mini-Mos in one word