Charities raise awareness at MPS

TREASURE bag decorating, three-legged races and the raising of 100 balloons were all in a day’s work recently at Mosman Public School (MPS).

The activities were organised by Mini-Mos partnership charities Raise Foundation and SeeBeyondBorders as a way of teaching students about the work they do.

Both charities work to make a difference in the lives of young people. Raise works in partnership with local high schools by providing mentors for teenagers who need support.

SeeBeyondBorders helps local communities in Cambodia to improve education standards by training teachers, getting children to school and developing better learning environments.

Raise founder Vicki Condon led Year 5 and 6 students in a discussion about ‘what it meant to be a mentor’.

"The students totally understood what mentoring is and the concept of having another adult around you, whom you trust," Ms Condon said.

Ms Condon said she was amazed at the students' understanding of Raise's work and how they translated that into helping their fellow students.

“I found it inspiring to watch the older kids really mentor their buddies," Ms Condon said.

Students then raised 100 balloons up the school flagpole as a symbol of ‘raising your hand’ when you need help.

Three-legged races were also part of the fun, with the Year 5 ad 6 students partnering with their Kindergarten buddies.

“The purpose of this was for the senior kids to use their mentoring skills to help their buddies,” MPS parent Heather Kent said.

“Such fun and hilarity took place,” Ms Kent said.

Treasure bag decorating was another activity undertaken by MPS students, with over 500 children designing and decorating individual treasure bags that will be delivered to primary school students in Cambodia for use in maths.

“The most important thing is that MPS children now have some understanding of what SeeBeyondBorders is all about and that there are children out there in the world who may not have the opportunities our children do,” Ms Kent said.

To help support our charities at this year’s Mini-Mos, please consider donating to Raise Foundation or SeeBeyondBorders here or when you register to run at

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