Staying COVIDSafe


The 2020 Mini-Mos Fun Run is registered as COVIDSafe and a COVID-19 Safety Plan has been completed for the 2020 fun run event. 

Please read the following in regards to staying COVIDSafe while competing or spectating at this year’s event.


Wellbeing of spectators and participants


Under current NSW Health regulations, sport and recreation organisations such as Mini-Mos are required to ‘take all reasonable steps to minimise the number of spectators attending community sport events’.


Accordingly, it is important to limit spectators, where practical, to one parent (or guardian) only. Unfortunately this means, particularly for the 2km course around Rawson Oval, we’d prefer no aunties and uncles, grandparents or siblings crowding the sidelines if they don’t need to be there.


On the day of a run:


  • Avoid carpools or bus travel with people from different household groups where possible.


  • Don’t participate or attend if you’re unwell, and instead get tested.



  • Do not participate or attend if you have visited Victoria in the 14 days prior to your run.



Physical distancing

If you’re a spectator, stay 1.5 metres apart or wear a mask if you can’t. This includes before, during and after watching runners.


People who live in the same household are not required to distance.


We encourage participants to change in to and out of running gear at home.

Hygiene and cleaning

Use good hand hygiene practices.


Use hand sanitiser before and after you run / spectate.


Bring your own water bottle, sweat towels etc. Avoid sharing food and drink.

Record keeping


Given the format of this year’s Mini-Mos fun run, we will not be capturing participant details at the time they complete the course. 


We recommend all participants and spectators download the COVIDSafe App and co-operate with NSW Health if contacted in relation to the event.


For more information on the 2020 Mini-Mos COVID-19 Safety Plan please contact Russell Edwards on or 0416 182 900.

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