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Frequently asked questions

What is the entry fee and what do I get for that fee?

2021 Mini-Mos Fun Run fees are lower this year: $15 for adults, $20 for the new adults 60km challenge, and $10 for kids. When you register, you pay this fee once and this entitles you to run any or all of the Mini-Mos courses as many times as you like from 1-28 November. The Mini-Mos follows Athletics Australia guidelines for race participation, as follows; • 10km: only participants 10 years and over are eligible for this race • 5km: only participants 8 years and older are eligible for this race • 2km: participants of all ages are eligible for this race Note you can only enter one run time per day per distance, so any overachievers looking to run a course two or more times in a day will receive bragging rights only.

How do I register?

Simply go to the Register Now page and complete the necessary details for yourself, or for a child. Payments can only be made by debit or credit card and payments cannot be made via Mosman Primary School.

Can I run with a group?

The 2021 Mini-Mos fun run has been approved by Mosman Council and there is a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place for the full event window. It is, however, your responsibility to run any 2021 Mini-Mos fun run course in compliance with any social distancing, congregation and any other COVID-19 related regulations in force in NSW at the time of your run. These regulations may serve to limit the number of people you run with and/or the distance you need to observe between other runners. It may also limit the number of people you congregate with before or after your run. We will provide specific advice for runners in the lead-up to and during the fun run period. Please refer to our Safety page for the latest guidelines.

Can I run with my child?

Yes. Many past participants will know a big part of the Mini-Mos fun run tradition is the opportunity to run with children as an 'Accompanying Adult'. However, given the revised format this year, we will not be having an Accompanying Adult category. This does not preclude parents and guardians running with children. Parents and guardians who intend to run with children simply complete a normal registration and pay the $15 adult entry fee (which also entitles them to run other courses as many times as they choose).

How will I know the course on the day I run?

Mosman Council is allowing the Mini-Mos team to place the traditional signage, including directional arrows, around all three fun run courses from 1-28 November. However, there will be no marshals, street closures etc in place as per the traditional event. The 5km and 10km race routes are largely unchanged for 2021. Course maps can be found here: 5km10km There are also green and pink tape markings on poles / trees along the course to ensure the course is easy to follow. Follow the green for the 5km and the pink for the 10km. The 2km event will be a signposted course around Rawson Oval and Georges Heights. This course has been designed with the safety of runners and the broader community in mind and will have clear directional signage at all relevant points. All runners are responsible for their own safety during any run associated with the 2021 Mini-Mos. The health and safety of all participants is our top priority, however the unique format of this year's event means runners needs to take personal responsibility for adhering to all road and pedestrian rules as well as all COVID-19 related regulations in place at the time of their run.

Can I run with a pram or a pet?

You should approach your 2021 Mini-Mos fun run the same as you would a 'private' run. Therefore, it is your decision and responsibility as to whether you run alone, as part of a group, with a pram, a pet, in fancy dress, etc. We are all for fun, but especially in these times we ask all runners to join us in making health and safety a top priority.

Do children need to run in age groups?

The format for starting kids in set age groups for their 2km run is on hold for 2021 and will likely resume in future years. There will, however, be leader boards for each age group which will be updated through the course of the event window.

How do I know my run time? Can I use Strava?

With the absence this year of race bibs with electronic timing chips, capturing run times is the responsibility of individual runners (or their parent/guardian) - and is ultimately an honesty system. Most runners can simply use a fitness tracking watch or the stop-watch function on their phone to capture their time as accurately as they can. Runners using Strava to capture their run time can download a GPX file or simply take a reading post race to enter their race time in our system. We expect runners will act in a community spirit, run fair, run safe and enter acurate run times.

How do I log my run time?

Go to your email titled ‘Mini Mos 2021 VR’ and you will find your unique link at the end of the third line.

Click through and enter your time. You can do this:

1) Manually - preferably with uploading evidence of your time by taking a screenshot of your time on your phone or a pic from a tracking/running device. Remember HH:MM:SS format when entering your time.


2) By uploading a GPX file. There are instructions on the site for uploading from Garmin, Connect or Strava.

The scoring platform will update results for the top ten runners in each category at least daily.

If you have any issues you can email our race administrator at info@multisportaustralia.com.au

How do I know where I am on the leader board?

Various leader boards will be shown via the Mini-Mos website throughout the event window. Leader boards will include age groups similar to previous years. On and after the 1st November runners can submit their time as many times as they like to a max of 1 per day per distance from the 1st to the 28th Nov. Your time will be updated on the leaderboard shortly after your submit it with the top 10 entries showing for each category. Enter your name or race number here to access all the leaderboards.

The scoring platform will update results for the top ten runners in each category at least daily.

Remember it’s who’s on top at the end of 28 days that counts! You can submit multiple times (1 per day per distance), only your fastest time will show on the leaderboards. Logging multiple times over the event window gets you in the running for a number of prizes to be announced soon.

Why not have a single race day?

We all know COVID-19 has thrown up many unique challenges. The Mini-Mos organising committee has chosen three set courses which can be run over a four week period. This also serves to disperse participants but also allows runners to complete the courses multiple times for a single entry fee. We believe this is the best approach for our community and a great way to continue the Mini-Mos fun run legacy while making health and safety a top priority.

Will there be a Mini-Mos Fair this year?

Mosman Public School and its P&C Association have made the decision to cancel the Mini-Mos Fair for 2021 in order to protect the health and safety of the school community and visitors. We know many families love to visit this annual event, however we must follow the advice of NSW Health.

Do I need to wear my race bib?

Once you have registered for the 2021 Mini-Mos fun run, closer to the event you will recieve an email with a printable race bib with a unique number. This bib will not have an electronic timing tag and we are entrusting runners to capture and enter their own run times. You do not need to wear your bib when completing a Mini-Mos course. However, runners are encouraged to wear their bib with pride and help promote the event. You may even get a few honks from locals when they see you slogging it out with your bib on! Please share any photos and videos by tagging us @minimosfunrun #minimosstillunstoppable

Is this a permanent change to the fun run format?

We expect to return to the traditional Mini-Mos fun run (and fair) format once it's considered safe to do so.

Will participants receive medals this year?

Unfortunately due to logistics, there will be no medals this year, however we have a commemorative Unstoppable 2021 Mini-Mos t-shirt available for purchase when you register and all participants will receive a printable certificate of participation.

How can I prepare to run safely?

We ask all runners to please be aware of your surroundings and use crosswalks when crossing roads and look both ways. Obey normal traffic laws. Plan for your run. Water fountains or sources may not be avalibale along your route so please come prepared. Please make sure you maintain social distance from all other people other than those in your household. Please follow all current Public Health Orders and advice. More info here. Take ID in case of an accident or emergency. Notify someone when you start your run and then when you are done. Let them know where you are running. If listening to music only use one earbud and leave your other ear open for potential hazards. Check the weather for the time you plan on running. Wear bright or reflective clothing. Lastly and most importantly, use common sense and listen to your body - don't overdo it.