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5km Race Information

The 5km run is open to anyone 8 yrs and over.

During the event window of 1-28 November, this run will be well signposted with directional signs.

There are green tape markings on poles / trees along the course to ensure the course is easy to follow. Please endeavour to follow the course as closely as possible as distance measurements have been taken on these directions. All runners need to run on footpaths and take care at road crossings.​

 Registration Fees


CHILD – $10

ADULT – $15



Click here to view on Google Maps

5km Run Directions

  • Find 5km Start Sign on Myahgah Rd

  • Follow the footpath north to the Crescent

  • Turn right and follow the footpath around Allan Border Oval to Gouldsbury St

  • Turn left and cross The Crescent at Gouldsbury St / The Crescent Intersection

  • Follow northern footpath and turn left into Military Road

  • Cross Military Rd and run on southern side of Upper Almora St

  • Turn right at Muston St and follow footpath

  • Follow Muston St on western footpath to Middle Head Rd

  • Turn left into Middle Head Rd

  • Cross Middle Head Rd at King Max St

  • Follow eastern footpath of King Max St until Bradleys Head Rd

  • Cross Bradleys Head Rd and follow northern footpath of Queen St

  • Cross Queen St at pedestrian crossing halfway down

  • Follow southern footpath of Queen St

  • Turn left at Prince Albert St

  • Cross Prince Albert St at Union St (this is a U-Turn)

  • Follow footpath north on Prince Albert St to Milner St

  • Cross Milner St, once across turn left on Milner St

  • Follow northern footpath of Milner St until Raglan St

  • Turn right and follow footpath around onto Raglan St

  • At Hamlet Ln, turn left and cross Raglan St

  • Run down Hamlet Lane and cross Shadforth St

  • Once across Shadforth St, turn right and run to the Avenue.

  • Cross the Avenue and run on western footpath of Gladstone St to Belmont Rd

  • Turn left into Belmont Rd and run on southern footpath

  • Follow Belmont Rd to Cowles Rd intersection. Cross Belmont Rd at Cowles Rd (this is a U-Turn)

  • Once across Belmont Rd, run back towards Mosman Public School on northern footpath

  • Cross Harbour St, once across Harbour St turn left on Harbour St and run towards Art Gallery Way on eastern footpath

  • Turn right at Art Gallery Way and run on footpath to Vista St

  • Cross Vista St, once across Vista St turn right on Vista St

  • Run down Vista St to Belmont Rd on eastern footpath

  • Turn left at Belmont Rd

  • Cross Myahgah St at pedestrian crossing

  • Once across Myahgah, turn left follow the footpath north to the Crescent

  • Turn right and follow the footpath around Allan Border Oval to Gouldsbury St

  • Turn Right at Gouldsbury St and run to the 5km Finish Sign

5km Run-Through


Watch our ambassadors Owain Matthews and Ed Goddard, complete a lap of the 5km course in this compact run-through video, filmed by our Fitness Partner (Joey from Vision Personal Training Mosman).



2021 Prizes will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for more details!