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2022 Registration Information


Read our helpful notes, then press REGISTER NOW on the left to register. You will be redirected to the Register Now website to complete your registration.

Race course details for the 2km, 5km and 10km are available at mini-mos.com

You have 3 options in 2022:

1. Register an INDIVIDUAL (or individuals) OR

2. Register a TEAM - a 2 person parent/child team (e.g. Mother/Daughter) OR

3. Register a TEAM OF 3 OR MORE "LEGENDS" and get 10% off your registration fees (does not include accompanying adults)

Our theme for the Mini-Mos 40th anniversary is "Legends" so why not be one? Grab a bunch of friends, classmates or family and walk, run, skip, hop or dance together as a TEAM OF LEGENDS!!

To register a "TEAM OF LEGENDS" and receive 10% off;

You will need a group administrator to set up your team name, then invite other friends, classmates or family via a private link.

If you are registering children, please ensure they are registered first or you will not see the 2km race option.

To do this: register the administrator/team name, then click "Add someone else to TEAM OF 3 OR MORE LEGENDS" - and add your child. 

If you are the group administrator please ensure when you set up the group that you have at least 3   participants registering at that time to receive the 10% off. Subsequent additions to your team will also receive the 10% off. 

Please note - group members do not have to all do the same distance.

Please note - discount does not include accompanying adults

To register for the 5KM PARENT/CHILD TEAM CHALLENGE and compete against other Parent/Child teams for the best total time in the 5km;

Choose "Create a Team" first, then add one participant, then at the end add the     second.

2KM ACCOMPANYING ADULTS: If you want to run the 2km with your child, you will need to register your child in the 2km race first, then purchase an accompanying adult bib during the registration. By doing this, you and your child will run in the accompanying adult wave (not with their age group). Please note, these bibs are not timed.

The Mini-Mos follows Athletics Australia guidelines for race participation, as follows;
     2km: open to participants of all ages (timed bibs for kids < 13 yrs only)
     5km: open to participants 8 years and over
    10km: open to participants 10 years and over

If you ordered a 2022 Commemorative T-shirt, we will get in touch with you shortly to confirm the details for how and when you can collect these.

Start times are:

7.00am - 10km race start

8.15am - 5km race start

9.30am - 2km race start

Please contact registrations@mini-mos.com with any questions.

Registration Fees


Standard – $40


Standard – $60


Standard – $70

Acc Adult – $25